Encaustic Explorations

1-Day Live Virtual Workshop


Alicia Tormey

Oct 10, 2020

This is a LIVE workshop that takes place online via Zoom.

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Encaustic Explorations

A Virtual 1-Day

Group Workshop Experience 

This is a LIVE interactive course designed to advance your painting skills and teach you the best methods to approach a large painting surface.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to evenly apply wax to a large area. 

  • Fusing techniques that will give you a smooth encaustic surface.

  • Insights for working out compositional challenges when creating larger work.

  • How to prepare your panel to get a professional quality finished appearance.

  • Student feedback and Q&A breakout sessions throughout the workshop.  


The workshop runs in real time from 9am to 3pm PDT. 

What you can expect:

  • This workshop takes place entirely online via Zoom. It's easy and free to set up a Zoom account. 
    Click here to visit Zoom.

  • You will receive special login instructions 48hrs prior to your workshop start time.

  • You will also receive a workbook PDF to accompany the workshop.

  • During our live session, I will provide a series of demonstrations from multiple camera views followed by interactive Q&A sessions after each lesson. 

  • The workshop hours are 9am to 3pm PDT with a 30 min break for lunch and a few short breaks between lesson segments.

Save your seat!


You'll be energized and equipped with knowledge that will enable you to advance in your art practice.


"Alicia is a very generous instructor who freely shares her knowledge and passion for encaustic with her students."


Meet Your instructor:

Alicia Tormey 

Join_Me_InThe Studio.jpg

Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized encaustic artist based out of Seattle. She is best known for her organic imagery and inventive painting techniques. Alicia's work has been featured on the cover of Professional Artist Magazine and in numerous other publications including multiple features in Encaustic Arts Magazine. She has been

working with this medium for over 20 years and enjoys sharing her encaustic painting methods with students from all over the world . 

Materials that I will use in this workshop:

You may select your own variation on these.

Large cradled wood panel

I'll be working on large panels of various sizes as well as a 30 x 40 panel for this workshop.

2lbs Encaustic Medium ( clear )

2lbs White encaustic paint

1.25 pounds various colors of encaustic paint

Iwatani Chefs Torch 

Bernz-O-Matic TS3500 Torch 

2 - 7" Hake brushes

2 - 4"  inch natural bristle brush 

assorted sizes of natural bristle chip brushes 1" to 3 " 


1 can Amber Shellac 

4  - 1" foam brushes

4 -  3" foam brushes

4 or more plastic cups for mixing shellac

Assorted dry pigments for tinting shellac (optional) 

4 large aluminum or metal loaf tins big enough to accommodate a 7" brush

Assorted metal tins for pigmented encaustic paint  


X-Acto Knife

Potters Loop Tools

Masking tape 

Enamel Interior House Paint for panel sides 


Fire extinguisher 

Fireproof work surface

Fans for ventilation 



Registration & Tuition 


Encaustic Explorations

1-Day Zoom Workshops

October 10, 2020

Class Hours: 9am - 3pm
Prerequisites: This is an intermediate to advanced level class. Strong basic encaustic skills are recommended.
Reliable internet connection will be required.

Course Tuition:   $649

We're here to help. 

If you have any questions,

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