Learn To Burn: The E-Course

Encaustic Painting Online

with Alicia Tormey 

The  Learn To Burn  E-Course provides all the detailed information and resources of my Live Workshops with the ease and convenience of an online class.

"My very best workshop experience, period!  Alicia’s attention to method and process was excellent. I learned so much that stuck with me and that I can now use to develop as an artist."


Live Workshop Student, Laura N.

About This Course:


It's a love story...

My love affair with this medium began nearly 20 years ago and this course is packed with all the juicy tidbits I have developed and discovered along the waxy way.


I've laid it all out for you in a beautifully produced HD video format and structured the content as a self-paced online course. Throughout this class I reveal to you critical working methods that will transform the way you create with encaustic and light the way if you're new to this magical medium. 

Why this E-Course...

Although I would love to meet you in person...I understand that it's just not possible for everyone to travel to the live workshop events so I packed all the encaustic training that I share in my Live Studio Workshops into this online course just for you. 

This is a robust and in-depth encaustic program that covers the technical and creative aspects of working with this enchanting material.

My Shellac Burn technique is the most sought after method that I use in my own work so I created a very extensive module on the proper use of shellac with encaustic. 

Throughout the course I share with you many tips, tricks and insights  that I have developed or discovered over the last two decades while working with encaustic. 

Elevate your painting process and expand your technical knowledge of encaustic.

Meet Your Instructor 

Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized encaustic artist best known for her unique approaches to working with this wax- based medium and her mastery of the shellac burn. Her artwork has adorned the cover of Professional Artist Magazine, is featured on a snowboard design for GNU Snowboards, and is included in many public and private collections around the world.
Alicia was a commercial artist creating artwork, illustrations  and product designs for retailers such as Target, Costco and Pier1. Alicia now paints and teaches the art of encaustic painting full time from her Seattle based studio. 

"Alicia communicates complex processes in the most understandable and engaging terms.

She is a generous and knowledgeable teacher.  "


Live Workshop Student, Patricia W. 

Course Contents:


The Learn To Burn online course includes... 

  • Over 50 HD videos shot on location in Alicia's studio.   

  • Printable and Downloadable Course Resources and PDFs   

  • Access to a private Facebook Group:  Join the IGNITED community of fellow encaustic enthusiasts from around the world.

  • FAQ and the Answer Vault: A growing resource of technical answers, resources and information. 

  • Studio Hours: Submit your questions directly to Alicia

Techniques featured in this course: 

Shellac Burn Effects

You'll learn how to properly work with shellac to create beautiful weblike patterns in your encaustic paintings. The shellac burn technique is one of the most extensive segments of this online course and we go deep into this topic to cover all the nuances of incorporating shellac into your artworks.  

Mastering Your Torch

Overcome your inhibitions of working with a blowtorch and take your work to the next level. We cover safety and proper handling so you can burn with confidence. I'll show you how to maximize the performance of your torch 

How to Create a Smooth Surface.

I show you every step required to create a creamy smooth surface so you can move on to techniques that work best when your painting is free of bumps and texture.

Making Encaustic Paint

In this course I share with you my perfect recipe to prepare your own batch of encaustic medium made from scratch and how to turn that medium into colored encaustic paint. 

Flawless Image Transfer

This non-toxic Photocopy Transfer segment is full of useful  tips to help you achieve flawless image transfers allowing you to incorporate design and photographic elements into your work. 

Additional Chapters Include:

Studio Set Up
Choosing a Color Palette
Working with Color
Mark-making Techniques
and more...
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" Hands down...the best workshop I've ever taken!

Alicia's techniques really helped me improve my artwork."


Live Workshop Student, Linda R.

More about this course...

Learn To Burn

Encaustic Painting with Alicia Tormey

Tuition: $479

Lifetime Access to course content! 

You will have full access to the entire course contents any time you wish. As long as we're breathing and our website servers are up and running you will be able to log on and view the online content. 


While there is no substitute for live, in-person instruction and mentoring, this course was created to be the next best thing. So if you can't make it to

Alicia's studio,you can still join her as she guides you through the methods shehas developed over her nearly 20 years of encaustic painting.  


Alicia's live workshops are hugely sought after and often sold out... but now you can access her workshop content anytime with no expiration date! *  


Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more insights about this course!

Tuition Price:

Encaustic Painting with Alicia Tormey is available  for $479.00 

You get the same in-depth information shared in the Live Studio Workshops with no need to travel.


Most students regard the course tuition as an educational investment in their own art practice that is quickly regained in the form of saved time and fewer wasted materials. Results may vary... but many of Alicia's students have gone on to exhibit and sell their own work after taking her courses. Even experienced encaustic painters come away from her workshops with new insights and fresh inspiration to elevate their own work.


We would love to meet you in person...but we understand that it 's just not possible for everyone to travel to the live events so Alicia packed all the encaustic training that she shares in her Live Workshops into this online course just for you. 


So if you can't make it to Alicia's studio, you can still join her as she guides you through the methods she has developed over more than 20 years of encaustic painting.

Alumni Discount

If you have taken one of Alicia's Live Workshops you qualify for an Alumni Discount: Contact the studio here  to receive your discount code! 

"Alicia was my first exposure to encaustic and I haven’t seen anyone’s techniques come close to hers. I left her workshop with this incredible hunger for creating that I haven’t felt since I was a young girl." 


Vicky P. - Live Workshop Student

Materials List:


Recommended Materials 

Here's list of supplies used throughout the Learn To Burn E-Course 

Its recommended that you view the course before assembling your supplies and materials. 


Encaustic Medium
*3lbs White Refined Bees Wax & 3/4 cup Damar Resin (* Optional if you want to make your own encaustic medium
Encaustic Paint - Assorted Colors (we have some suggestions for you  in the Materials module: Chapter 03 - Starter Pallet 
*Dry Pigments - Assorted Colors (*Optional if you want to make your own wax and shellac colors)
Oil Paints - Assorted Colors
*Pigment or Oil Sticks - (*Optional for making paint color)
Shellac - Amber & Clear
Toner Based Photocopy
Unprimed Wood Panels 

Isopropyl Alcohol  (for easy clean up)

Tools & Equipment

Electric Skillet
Surface Thermometer 
Natural Bristle Brushes 1" and 2"
Foam Brushes 1" 
Metal Tins
Silicone Baking Mold
Masking Tape
Small Clip Clamps 
Potters Loop Tool for scraping
Exacto Knife
Ball Chain 
Large Fan
Fire Extinguisher
Fire proof surface ( we use sheet rock )
Thick Paper Towels 
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about this ecourse: 

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