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Intro To Encaustic

Materials & Tool List




Encaustic Medium

2 Pounds encaustic medium

Enkaustikos Medium 

R&F Medium 


Readymade Encaustic Paints

8ozs Titanium White and a selection of various colors.

Recommended brands: R&F or Enkaustikos

Check out R&F Starter Kit

Enkaustikos Color Set

Wood Panels

Small Raw Wood Work Panels

Two 8” x 8” or similar raw wood  unprimed cradled birch panels

Find them here>>>





Hot Palette / Electric Griddle

My preference is the Presto Slimline 22"


Bernzomatic TS3500, or equivalent and propane fuel cylinder

Look in the plumbing isle of the hardware store or Find it here>>>

Electric Fan for ventilating your studio

Find one here>>>



Disposable Powder Free latex or nitrile Gloves


Drywall Panel or fireproof heat resistant work surface

Two or three pieces 2’ x 2’ to create a “burn zone”

Hardware stores sell precut 24” x24” sheetrock panels



Surface Thermometer

Find one here>>>


Metal Tins / Foil Pans

Must have flat bottom

2 or more 8oz round tins and or 2 or more small foil loaf tins  for clear medium and white paint

Six or more 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz metal tins for colored encaustic paint

Find tins here>>>


Spring Clips (don't use clothes pins)

Two or more 2” clips and one 4” clip

Find these at the hardware store or check these out>>>


Natural Bristle Brushes

Make sure your brushes say "Natural Bristle"

Two or more 2” natural bristle Chip brushes and a dozen 1” chip brushes. Available in the paint isle of hardware stores  or find some here>>>


Blue Painter’s Masking Tape

1½” to 2” wide


Marking Pen


Paper Shop Towels


Work Apron


Exacto Knife


Metal Scraping Tools

Pottery ribbon loop, etching, woodworking, or dental tools

Available in craft stores and potter suppliers

Find some here>>>

Putty Knife

2” wide


Parchment Paper Roll


Small wooden stir sticks

Small Palette Knife

Fire Extinguisher

Two or more extinguishers or Tundra aerosol fire extinguishers

Available at hardware stores or find some here>>>

Encaustic Paint Tin.jpg

This page contains affiliate links to some of these recommended supplies. The studio earns a small commission when you purchase through these links and the cost to you remains the same. Your purchases made through these links enables us to provide you with this information as well as other forms of free assistance and resources for artists. Thank you for your support!

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