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Shellac Burn Techniques 

Live Zoom Class

Materials & Tools List




One or more pre-primed encaustic panels

8" x 8" - 10" x 10" sized panels recommended for class exercises

(pre-primed = encaustic surface with several layers of medium and/or encaustic paint. )

Access to your normal encaustic supplies: Hot palette, paints, brushes etc.

Foam Brushes - find them here>>>

Two or more 1" Foam applicator brushes

2 or more 2" Foam applicator brushes


Available in the paint section of the hardware store

or find some online  here >>>

If you can find shellac locally its much less expensive. Shellac is considered a hazardous material because its flammable so having shellac shipped can cost twice as much as buying it at the store.

6 ounces or more Amber Shellac

6 ounces or more Clear Shellac

I'll show you how to make your own shellac if you are unable to find it. To make your own shellac You'll need:

3 or more ounces Dry Shellac Flakes - find them here>>>

Super Blonde flakes for clear shellac and Orange or Amber for regular shellac. You will also need 6 or more ounces of  Denatured Alcohol.

6 or more small disposable plastic cups 

Cellophane Cling Wrap

Dry Pigments: ( Find dry pigments here>>>)

1/2 ounce or more dry pigment: Titanium White 

1/2 ounce or more black dry pigment - Bone Black or Carbon Black work well 

1/2 ounce or more Chromium Oxide Green dry pigment

Optional: additional assortment of dry pigment colors of your choice

Stir Sticks


Small Plastic Spoons

6 or more

Latex or Nitrile Gloves






Bernzomatic TS3500, or equivalent and propane fuel cylinder

Look in the plumbing isle of the hardware store or Find it here>>>

Electric Fan for ventilating your studio

Find one here>>>


Drywall Panel or fireproof heat resistant work surface

1 or more  2’ x 2’  sheet to create a “burn zone”

Hardware stores sell precut 24” x24” drywall panels


Paper Towels


Work Apron


Exacto Knife

Metal Scraping Tools

Pottery ribbon loop, etching, woodworking, or dental tools

Available in craft stores and potter suppliers

Find some here>>>


Parchment Paper Roll

Fire Extinguisher

Two or more extinguishers or Tundra aerosol fire extinguishers

Available at hardware stores or find some here>>>


This page contains affiliate links to some of these recommended supplies. The studio earns a small commission when you purchase through these links and the cost to you remains the same. Your purchases made through these links enables us to provide you with this information as well as other forms of free assistance and resources for artists. Thank you for your support!

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