Getting Started

Basic Encaustic Studio Set-Up

Here's a list of essentials to set up your studio and start creating your encaustic artwork:

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Hot PalettePresto Slimline griddle

Used as a hot surface to keep your paints liquefied during use.


Surface ThermometerAcuRite

Used to monitor your working temperature: Working Temp 200°F  / 93°C.

Exhaust Fan: (one or more) I use a basic Box Fan

Needed for proper ventilation.  


Extension cord 

Fire Extinguisher2x Tundra fire extinguishers

Always have at least two or more fire extinguishers placed at opposite sides of your studio. 

Work Table: Sturdy with a fire resistant surface

Can source from home, secondhand store, or have constructed.

Bernzomatic Torch: TS 3500 torch head with one tank of propane

Flat Bottom Tins for Wax: 12 pack tea tins

 Can source from second hand store, but they must have flat bottoms.

Foil Pans: 12 packs of 5

For containing encaustic medium and large amounts of paint.

Brushes: 1” and 2” Chip Brushes

Must be natural bristle, pure hog bristle brushes.

GlovesNitrile disposable gloves 

Shop / Paper Towels


Potter’s Loop: 1 and 3/4" with a small and large side

For cleaning edges and editing the surface.

Exacto Knife: #1 knife and blade 

For editing and removing brush hairs from your work.

Putty Knife: stiff, not flexible type 

For cleaning work surface and removing any excess wax from back of panel.

Encaustic Medium: 2lb R&F encaustic medium pellets 

Basic Encaustic Paint Colors:

Titanium White

Naples Yellow 

Cadmium Red Medium

Ultramarine Blue 

Chromium Oxide Green

Cobalt Teal 

Cadmium Orange 

Cobalt Violet 


8” x 8” Birch Panels Must be a rigid, absorbent substrate.