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The membership program that teaches you how to make a bigger impact with your art and turn it into a thriving creative business. 

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Next Enrollment Period Opening Soon!


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Alicia Tormey

Hello... I'm Alicia Tormey and welcome to OpenStudio.


My motto:

A rising tide lifts all boats.

My mission:

To empower artists and 
creatives like you to realize 
your full potential through 
online courses, live workshops, and daily inspiration.


My story:

I'm an internationally recognized artist, educator, mentor and the founder of OpenStudio. I have been a creative professional for over thirty-five years and I share my art career experience, knowledge, and resources with aspiring entrepreneurial artists like you.

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This membership coaching program is about empowering artists like you with the tools, training, resources, & community that can help you turn your art practice into a thriving creative business.


Studies show that coaching and mentoring programs can increase productivity by well over 80%.


As a member of OPENSTUDIO you'll receive exclusive content that will help you grow your creative business and sell more of your art to collectors:









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If you want to be a successful artist...

it's important to nurture, refine, expand, and invest in your creative practice.

As an OPENSTUDIO member...

you get insight and access to the tools you need to elevate your art practice and grow your creative business into something that can sustain you on every level.


Plus you get the support of our amazing community of talented artists and creatives who are sharing the journey with you. 


Your personal invitation to join me.

Invitation to join the OPENSTUDIO
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OPENSTUDIO is designed to keep you moving towards your creative business goals while providing you with professional resources, guidance, and community.

Membership is only $27 per month

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Look closely at the present you’re constructing...

It should look like the future you are dreaming.

~ Alice Walker

Get started today.

Share your artwork with the world and expand your creative career.

Enrollment opening soon!

      Membership privileges include weekly programming designed to help you grow and develop as a professional artist, creator, and entrepreneur. 

You'll enjoy exclusive access to Professional Training Videos, Motivational Worksheets, Industry Resources, Coaching, and Live Q&A with me.

This Subscription Membership Program supports artists & creators of all levels working in any creative medium.

Your membership privileges include Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions, Video Tutorials, and Inspiring & Motivational Content all delivered to you weekly inside the

OPENSTUDIO Member's Portal

Join me and this growing community of generous, supportive, and inspiring creators inside the OPENSTUDIO and start transforming your creative practice right now. 



Discover how to enhance your creative practice with sessions on:

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Creating A Body Of Work 

  • How To Increase Productivity

  • Tips To Boost your Creativity


Master the art of running your studio like a pro.

  • Pricing Your Artwork

  • Working With Galleries

  • Packing & Shipping Your Art 

  • Writing Your Artist Statement

  • Negotiating Commissions


Learn how to connect with clients and sell your work.

  • How To Attract Collectors

  • Social Media Secrets For Artists

  • How To Talk About Your Art

  • Selling Your Art Online

  • Essentials of An Artist Website



Have questions about OPENSTUDIO?

check out the F.A.Q.s here >

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It's time to make your art a priority and pursue what's most important to you.

Live as your most authentic self to create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment and learn how to make a positive impact on the world with your art and creativity.

If you want to start working as a full-time professional artist it's time to make an investment in yourself, your art and your creative business. OpenStudio will help you gain the knowledge and momentum necessary to reach your goals. 

Membership is now only $27 per month



Membership FAQs


Do I need to take Alicia's online courses first?

Nope! The OPENSTUDIO is for artists of all disciplines who are seeking clarity, support, community, resources, and guidance to advance their own studio operations and creative endeavors.

Will content disappear as new sessions get started? Or will there be an archive where I can access previous sessions?

Once you become a member you will have full access to all OPENSTUDIO content and materials in your Member Portal. As long as you remain an OPENSTUDIO member you will have continued access and enjoy full membership privileges and benefits. Including 24 /7 access to all of the session materials. 

Where is my Member Portal?

Your Member Portal is hosted by Kajabi and can be accessed at


How do I pay for my membership? 

You will be charged automatically each month in a 30 day billing cycle through your original enrollment method of payment. Your membership is $27 per month (only $6.75 per week to grow your art practice and get personal coaching from me). 

Who is OPENSTUDIO for?

OPENSTUDIO is for ambitious artists and creatives who are seeking to enhance creativity, sell more work and reach collectors, who want be more productive in the studio and learn how to market, sell and grow an audience. This membership  is for artists wanting grow their studio practice into a viable, thriving career and sustainable business. 

Can I take a month or two off, and then return?

You are free to come and go as often as you like as long as you remain an active paying member. You will be able to revisit all the prior sessions and anything you might miss while taking a break as long as your membership remains current. If you want to cancel for awhile and return later you can re- enroll during any Open Enrollment Period.

PLEASE NOTE: Only active paying members have access to membership content and privileges.  


How often will Alicia be interacting with the community? 

I am here for you! I want to see you grow and succeed and will be in the Facebook community answering questions weekly as well as hosting a LIVE Q&A coaching session every month. This membership program provides you with genuine support as you make your way through your own creative journey. I believe in the power of generosity and a creative community and that is what OPENSTUDIO is about.  Its also about helping you grow as an artist and creative business owner.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

I've got you covered... joining the Facebook community is not required but it will enhance your experience. I will be recording all of the Facebook video sessions and posting them to the Member Portal so you can watch the video replays without logging into FB.

When can I join the OPENSTUDIO?

Enrollment is open 4 times per year:

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. 

Is enrollment open now? 

Next Enrollment Period Opening Soon!

Enrollment will be opening soon!  
Feel free to contact the studio HERE if you have any questions about the OPENSTUDIO Membership! 

Can I cancel my membership anytime? 

Yes... you can join for as long as you would like and cancel at anytime: 1 month, 6 months, a year, a lifetime… You are free to cancel your membership at any time.  Note: If you decide to cancel your membership you will no longer have access to OPENSTUDIO members only content or privileges

Is OPENSTUDIO just for encaustic artists?

Not at all...this is a community for creatives working in all disciplines including painters, photographers, ceramic artists, crafters, photographers, graphic designers, etc -- anyone who is seeking to grow their creative practice into a viable, thriving career and business. 


Are you going to be teaching your encaustic techniques inside the membership?

The topic of encaustic comes up often in our live discussions but this is not a painting class...OPENSTUDIO is a members only program where you will advance your creative business development, connect with like-minded peers, learn how to exhibit and sell your work professionally and how to present and market your art to the public. There will not be any specific encaustic component inside this membership program.

However, if you wish to focus on encaustic painting I do have an online course that specifically covers my encaustic techniques.

Learn To Burn: Online Encaustic Course


Will OPENSTUDIO help me make progress in my art and my creative business? 

YES! The content we are going to work through together is directly actionable for any creative business and discipline. 


What's the schedule for the monthly content?

Each week a new video session is delivered to your Member Portal covering a specific professional art and creative business topic.

Is there a syllabus I can preview of the program content and schedule?

Yes! You can review  the OPENSTUDIO content and programming Syllabus here. The Syllabus shows 12 sessions of content but is subject to change to match the needs of the OPENSTUDIO members, I want to teach what you want to learn!

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