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A Monthly Membership for Artists

It's time to nurture, refine, and expand your creative practice.

As an OPENSTUDIO member...

you are going to gain insight and access to the tools you need to elevate your art practice and grow your creative business into something that can sustain you on every level.

This membership is about empowering artists & creators to fully realize their potential.

Each month, meaningful content is delivered to you inside the membership portal.


You'll enjoy exclusive access to Training Videos, Motivational Worksheets, Industry Resources, Live Chats, Group Coaching and Q&A with me.

Join me and this growing community of generous, supportive, and inspiring creators inside the OPENSTUDIO. 

This Subscription Membership Program supports artists & creators of all levels.

OPENSTUDIO provides gentle guidance,

inspiring educational content, industry resources, and motivational materials designed to keep you moving towards your creative goals.

Early Enrollment Opens June 1st

and the Membership officially begins on June 15, 2020.

Look closely at the present you’re constructing...

It should look like the future you are dreaming.

~ Alice Walker

Now is the time

to grow your creative career and share your art with the world.

      Exclusive membership privileges in OPENSTUDIO include weekly programming designed to help you grow and develop as an artist, creator, and entrepreneur. 

Membership is only $27 per month!

Your membership privileges include inspiring and motivational content delivered to you weekly inside the

OPENSTUDIO Member's Portal

Early subscribers receive Founding Member status meaning your membership rate will be locked in for life!

Membership is only $27 per month!

Topics we'll be diving into include:

How to enhance your creative practice with sessions on:

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Creating A Body Of Work 

  • The Power Of Composition

  • Using The Psychology Of Color

  • How to Boost your Creativity

Master the art of running your studio like a pro:

  • Pricing Your Artwork

  • Working With Galleries

  • Packing & Shipping Your Art 

  • Writing Your Artist Statement

  • Negotiating Commissions

Discover how to connect with clients and sell your work.

  • How To Attract Collectors

  • Social Media Part 1

  • Social Media Part 2 

  • How To Talk About Your Art

  • Selling Your Art Online

  • Essentials of An Artist Website


It's time to make your art a priority and pursue what's most important to you.

Live as your most authentic self and create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment, one where you can make a positive impact on the world with your art and creativity.

OPENSTUDIO starts June 15th, 2020.

Membership is only $27 per month!



Membership is only $27 per month!

You can cancel at anytime.

Early subscribers receive Founding Member status meaning your membership rate will be locked in for life!

Feel free to contact me HERE if you have any questions about joining the OpenStudio Membership and

I look forward to seeing you inside!

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