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"The works of Alicia Tormey are wild and intoxicating... with jewel tones, spacial complexity, abstract passages and
giddy motion".

                          ~ The Boston Globe


Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized artist, instructor, and mentor who is best known for her inventive and pioneering encaustic techniques using beeswax, resin, shellac, and raw pigments.


Abstracted landscapes and dynamic botanical forms have long been the focus of Tormey’s work.


“My paintings are heavily influenced by the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. There’s a special quality of light here that transforms the landscape into mystical, otherworldly places.”


Alicia is a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle and her work has been featured on the cover of Professional Artist Magazine and featured in several arts publications. She is the recipient of a Grant for Artist Projects award from Artist Trust and her works have been included in numerous public exhibitions and collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Throughout her career, Alicia has made an impact on thousands of artists and creatives from around the world through her live workshops, artist retreats, and online courses.


Gallery Representation:


Artist Statement

Alicia Studio Up.jpg
Encaustic Studio

My work is created with encaustic, an ancient painting medium primarily made of beeswax and tree resin. This wax-based material is difficult to manipulate and somewhat unpredictable… which is precisely why encaustic captivates my imagination as an artist.


I show up everyday asking the question: “I wonder what will happen next.”

As a painter, I'm driven by curiosity, passion and a deeply creative spirit. I am constantly experimenting in my studio and pushing the boundaries of my materials, and as a result, I have developed my own unique painting style and techniques.


I prefer to work abstractedly because it triggers a creative response in the mind. Every work of art becomes personalized to each viewer through a phenomena known as pareidolia. Much like the act of cloud gazing, pareidolia is where you see elements and forms that aren’t actually there.


My lifelong fascination with science and nature continues to heavily influence and inform my work today. As a painter, I attempt to conjure, capture and express the spontaneity and unpredictability of my materials and the natural world.


~ Alicia Tormey

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