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Take a peek inside the studio: 

Watch Organic Alchemy and get an inside view of Alicia's studio process. 

In the studio:

Alicia's art studio was once located in Seattle in the historic Inscape Arts Building on the outskirts of Seattle's International District. In 2021, the studio was relocated near the Sun Valley resort in the mountains of Idaho.

Organic Alchemy
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Creative process:

Alicia paints with a blend of bee's wax, a plant based resin called Damar Gum and organic pigments in a process known as Encaustic Painting.


Learn more about encaustic painting here.

For Artists:
Learn Encaustic Painting with Alicia Online: Check out the current offering of online courses here!
Encaustic Live Workshops

Learn the art of encaustic painting with Alicia Tormey 

Click here to visit the WORKSHOPS page for details.


Check out the ARTIST RESOURCES for tutorials , materials,  books and more... 

Your questions are always welcome!
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