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Join me in 2020 for a transformative painting experience !

Enrollment is now OPEN!

2020 Encaustic Workshops

Working Large_edited.jpg

Working Large 

with Encaustic:

This is a group workshop experience with 4 full days of instruction while working with encaustic on large panels. In this class, you will be provided with a 30"x 40" panel as well as all tools and materials required to create your own large encaustic painting. Working together, I will guide you through my methods for scaling up your encaustic artworks. We will also cover the proper packing and shipping methods when handling large encaustic works. 

At the end of the class, you will prepare your own painting for return shipping to your home or studio.

Basics & Beyond

5-Day Encaustic Immersion Experience:

Join me for this five day immersive class where we dive deep into my signature techniques that range from beginner to advanced. We will focus on color, composition, and defining the components of a powerful painting. In addition, we will cover running your art studio like a business, art marketing, and navigating your art career. 

This is a group workshop that takes place in my fully equipped Seattle studio with all of your materials provided. 


Encaustic Basics

and Beyond:

This workshop will get you up to speed fast. This is my unique approach to the basics of working with encaustic. Once we've covered the basics we will move on to other techniques such as my signature shellac burn. There will be ample time to work on your projects in my fully equipped encaustic studio with all of your tools and materials provided.

This is a group workshop with three full days of encaustic painting.

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