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Here's what you'll find in the Learn To Burn online course...

Learn To Burn

E-Course Curriculum:

Encaustic Medium

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        Table Of Contents PDF 


01: Introduction 07:06

        About This Course... FREE

        Meet Your Instructor FREE

        Disclaimer PDF FREE

        Learn To Burn Intro PDF 

        General Safety Guidelines PDF


02: Materials 15:53

        Materials 01- Encaustic Medium 

        Materials 02- Color Options 

        Materials 03- Starter Palette 

        Materials 04- Panels & Substrates 

        Materials 05- About Shellac 

        Starter Palette PDF 

        Materials Checklist FREE

        Temperature Chart PDF 


03: Tools & Equipment 16:07

        Tools & Equipment 01- Getting Started 

        Tools & Equipment 02- Proper Ventilation 

        Tools & Equipment 03-Torch Confidence 

        Tools & Equipment 04- Safety Equipment FREE

        Tools & Equipment List PDF 

        Ventilation PDF 

        Torch Operation & Safety PDF 


04: Priming & Fusing 46:31

        Priming & Fusing 01-Panel Preparation 

        Priming & Fusing 02 - Priming with a Torch 

        Priming & Fusing 03- Helpful Hints 

        Priming & Fusing 04- Fusing Your Wax 

        Priming & Fusing 05- Building Your Foundation 

        Priming & Fusing 06- Creating a Smooth Surface 

        Priming for a Smooth Surface PDF


05: Working With Color 36:31

        Working with Color 01- Creating a Base Composition 

        Working with Color 02- Cold Brush Intro 

        Working with Color 03- Cold Brush Demo 

        Opaque & Translucent Color PDF


06: Shellac Burn 90:15

        Shellac Burn 1A- Special Effects with Shellac 

        Shellac Burn 1B- Special Effects with Shellac 

        Shellac Burn 02- Creating Burn Variations 

        Shellac Burn 03- Applying Your Shellac 

        Shellac Burn 04- Mastering Your Burn 

        Shellac Burn 05- Helpful Hints With More Shellac 

        Shellac Burn 06- Building Up Your Surface 

        Shellac Burn 07- Working With Multiple Colors 

        Shellac Burn 08- Adding Burns To Create Depth 

        Shellac Burn Tips PDF 


07: Image Transfer 15:50

        Image Transfer - Photocopy Transfer 

        Image Transfer Steps PDF 


08: Mark Making 50:38

        Mark Making 01- Scars and Oil Fills 

        Mark Making 02 - Carbon Transfer 

        Mark Making 03 - Inlaid Line 

        Mark Making 04- Pearl Drops 

        Mark Making 05- Using Stencils 

        Mark Making Highlights PDF


09: Make Your Own Medium 06:52

        09 Make Your Own Medium 

        Encaustic Medium Recipe PDF FREE


10: Making Color 28:36

        Making Color 01: Introduction To Making Color 

        Making Color 02- Oil Paint 

        Making Color 03- Dry Pigment 

        Making Color 04- Ready-Made Wax 

        Making Color 05- Reviewing Color Sources 

        Making Color 06- Opacity & Transparency 

        Making Color 07- Opacity in Practice 

        Making Colored Paint PDF


11: Troubleshooting 11:37

       Troubleshooting 01 - Overcoming Common Challenges 

        Trouble Shooting 02- Pockmarks 

        Troubleshooting 03 - Percolation 

        Trouble Shooting 04- Brush Hairs 

        Troubleshooting 05 - Wrap Up 

        Troubleshooting PDF


12: Finishing Touches 24:20

        Finishing Touches 01- Cleaning Your Edges 

        Finishing touches 02- Polishing The Surface 

        Finishing touches 03- Hardware 

        Finishing touches 04- Easy Clean Up 

        Finishing Touches PDF 


Closing thoughts...Thank You! 01:03

        Thank You! 

        Thank you note! 


Resource Materials

        Glossary PDF 

        Encaustic Dos & Don'ts PDF 

        Temperature Chart PDF 

        Links & Extras PDF 

        Community Resources PDF 

        Tech Support PDF FREE

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