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Instagram For 

Artists & Creatives

Instagram is ideal for artists to showcase artwork, engage with collectors and grow an audience of devoted followers.

Its time to use Instagram to grow your audience and make an impact with your art. 

INSTALAB is the course that will show you how to use Instagram to:

~ Grow awareness for your art. 

~ Attract collectors and dream clients. 

~ Engage with your ideal audience.

~ Enhance your creative career.

~ Increase your art sales. 


A unique Instagram course specifically developed for 

Artists & Creatives

Course is Opening Soon!


Instagram for

Artists & Creatives

The world needs to see your art and there's no better way to reach your ideal audience than with Instagram. 

Inside INSTALAB... you'll learn how you can leverage your creativity and enhance your presence on this powerful social media platform.

Course is Opening Soon!


When you start taking Instagram seriously, and learn how to utilize the platform, you'll open up the doors to generate real income from your art and gain valuable exposure for your creative business.

Build your audience of

dream clients & collectors 

               is an on demand online course available to watch on all of your devices.

Watch & learn whenever it's best for you.


Course is Opening Soon!

This course will forever change the way you view and use Instagram.

Get ready to transform your IG account and expand your influence as a creator.

Here's a look at what's inside the course:

~ The secrets to using Instagram Stories.


~ Create a purpose driven account that's on brand with your values and your artwork.

~ The formula for a winning profile

~ How to write engaging captions and why they matter.

~ Become a content creation machine!  Strategies and guidelines for creating Instagram worthy images of your art.

Understanding the Algorithm and how to make it work in your favor.

~ What you may be doing that's working against you.


~ Methods for getting authentic engagement and connecting with your followers.

~ How to use #hashtags to attract more followers.

~ iPhone photography tips every artists should know.

~ How to setup and style your photos for Instagram.

~ Secret weapons... enhance your content with these must-have apps and tools.


~ Insta-etiquette ... Do's & Dont's 


Instagram for 

Artists & Creatives

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Got a question about the INSTALAB course?

Feel free to send us an email with any questions. 

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