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Join me for a transformative virtual
painting experience or live Zoom coaching session!

Live Sessions Via ZOOM
Virtual Group Classes


Private Coaching Sessions

Working Large Zoom Class - Classes Concluded

Wild Botanicals Zoom Class - Classes Concluded

Private LIVE Tutorials & Coaching Sessions 

 Limited  Private Sessions Available
Contact the studio here to book your private Zoom session. 


Working Large Zoom Class

Learn how to create with encaustic on a large scale in this live online workshop. This virtual class will take place on Zoom and will teach you how to apply wax evenly to a large painting, torching techniques for a smooth expansive surface, working with compositional elements on a large scale, and how to properly prepare your larger panels.  

This 1-Day Virtual Course will take place Live via Zoom

Classes Concluded

Wild Botanicals Zoom Class

Let your creativity bloom in this exciting live virtual course focused on creating wild, organic florals. This virtual class will take place on Zoom and will teach you how to incorporate alcohol inks and shellac with your encaustic paints to create imaginative and compelling botanical art.

This 1-Day Virtual Course will take place Live via Zoom

Classes Concluded

Private Coaching & Tutorials via Zoom

Work with me directly in a private Session. Each session is 90 minutes and takes place via Zoom. We will work together live to address your creative and business challenges. Your coaching session may also include live demonstrations of painting techniques at your request as well as any personal guidance and coaching for your artwork and art business. I look forward to working with you.

Pre-booking available now for private sessions starting June 1st. 

Tuition per session is $299.

90 Minute Sessions are 11am-12:30pm or 1pm-2:30pm PST Monday through Saturday.

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For more online learning options...

check out the Learn To Burn series of online courses.

Click HERE for details

Learn To Burn Online Course:

Learn the basics of encaustic painting online in this comprehensive online course. Learn To Burn includes my signature Shellac Burn technique as well as all the basics and beyond. Learn To Burn contains over 9 hours of video instruction from preparing your panels to making medium, mixing color, image transfers, incorporating shellac, creative mark making and more.

Shellac Burn E-Course:

The much awaited Learn To Burn: Shellac course is now online! If you already know the basics of encaustic but want to learn more about how to create a compelling shellac burn, this course is for you!

Encaustic Workshops

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