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Learn To Burn

Materials List:

Our suggested list of supplies: here's what we use throughout the course.

We recommend you view the course before assembling your supplies and materials. 


Encaustic Medium
*3lbs White Refined Bees Wax & 3/4 cup Damar Resin (* Optional if you want to make your own encaustic medium
Encaustic Paint - Assorted Colors (we have some suggestions for you  in the Materials module: Chapter 03 - Starter Palette 
*Dry Pigments - Assorted Colors (*Optional if you want to make your own wax and shellac colors)
Oil Paints - Assorted Colors
*Pigment or Oil Sticks - (*Optional for making paint color)
Shellac - Amber & Clear
Toner Based Photocopy
Small, Unprimed Wood Panels (10" x 10" or smaller) 

Isopropyl Alcohol  (for easy clean up)

Tools & Equipment

Electric Skillet or Griddle
Blowtorch (Berns-O-Matic TS 3000 recommended) 
Surface Thermometer 
Natural Bristle Brushes 1" and 2"
Foam Brushes 1" 
Metal Tins
Silicone Baking Mold
Masking Tape
Small Spring Clamps 
Potters Loop Tool for scraping
Exacto Knife
Ball Chain 
Large Fan
Fire Extinguisher
Fire proof surface ( we use sheet rock )
Thick Paper Towels 
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