Wild Botanicals

Course Materials List 


Tools & Materials List:

  •  Pre-primed encaustic panel(s)

    • One or more pre-primed encaustic panels with a smooth white wax surface approx 10" x 10" in size

      • (See original Learn To Burn course for instructions on creating a smooth white surface)

  • Metal tins

    • Assorted for colored encaustic paints

    • Make sure they have flat bottoms 

  • Assorted alcohol inks: 

    • Colors used in this course: Color Name, Color Name, Color Name, Color Name, Color Name, Color Name, Color Name,Color Name

    • Inks are Ranger products but any alcohol ink will work. 

  • Isopropyl alcohol 70% or 90% - either works

  • Dry pigments: chromium oxide green 

    • (See Learn To Burn: Shellac course for more detailed instructions on mixing shellac colors and burning techniques) 

  • Assorted encaustic paints

    • Colors used in this course: 

  • Titanium White - 6 oz White in addition to white used in priming   

  • Custom blends in greens, pinks

  • Try 4 - 6oz of each of these colorsDianthus Pink, Warm Pink Rose, French Mauve Reddish, Cobalt Violet, Cadmium Green, Pale Celadon 

  • 6- 8oz of Clear encaustic medium in addition to medium used for priming your panel