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How to break through your artist block and unleash your creative flow. 

We all know what it feels like to experience creative block. Every artists goes through periods where we just can't muster up any new ideas or find the motivation to create. 

But there are ways to shake off creative block and reopen the flow of inspiration.  

Just like at the gym...sometimes you have to warm up your creative muscles in order to reawaken your creativity.

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Creative Exercise:


I use this simple exercise to get my creative juices flowing when I’m feeling stuck:

Step 1:   Grab a scrap piece of paper or an old canvas... something that you don’t have any attachment to. You are also going to need something to make a mark with:  pen, pencil , paintbrush or even a sharpie will do.

Step 2:  Set a timer for 10 minutes


Step 3: Start making marks on the surface. Try lifting your marking tool above the surface and then dropping it several times from different heights ...allowing for a few random marks to emerge.


Step 4: Once you have created a few random marks, connect them by now making more deliberate marks and see what evolves. 

Step 5: Alternate between marks made with intention and those made randomly. 

You can create a series of different types of marks... scribble, doodle, make broad strokes, tiny hatch marks... or you can simply cover the entire surface. Try sketching simple shapes and then fill them in with a different media.


The key here is to get your hand moving so it will awaken and activate your creative brain.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this.


After ten minutes of this exercise,  you may be ready to tackle bigger creative projects. If you still feel stuck and uninspired then grab a fresh piece of paper and begin again. Eventually your brain will get the signal and your creative energy will reemerge. 

This exercise really works! So give it a try the next time you’re feeling stuck. 

Creative Block

Looking for more support in your creative practice?

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