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An Introduction to Encaustic Painting

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What is Encaustic:

Encaustic is a wax-based painting medium that originated with the ancient Greeks over 3000 years ago. 


The primary ingredients of encaustic paint are beeswax and a tree gum called, damar resin. The combination of beeswax and damar is referred to as Encaustic Medium and it forms the base of encaustic paint. Pigments are then added to the encaustic medium to create colored wax-based paints. 

Natural honeycomb wax and refined beeswax cakes.

Damar resin crystals... add clarity and hardness to beeswax which is naturally translucent and luminous. The addition of damar resin also significantly elevates the overall melting temperature so the encaustic paint medium is much more durable than beeswax alone.

Encaustic paint must be liquefied over heat and kept molten at  200°F  /  93°C in order
to manipulate it like a paint.
Artists using encaustic work
HOT to COLD instead of the traditional WET to DRY.
A variety of heated appliances and tools are required to work with encaustic because the wax medium must be repeatedly reheated and reworked. Hot plates, electric cooking appliances, and heated tools such as blowtorches, heat-guns, and irons are used to fuse and manipulate the wax-based paint. 

Once encaustic has cooled to room temperature it returns to a solid state and the surface can then be carved down into and reworked.
Encaustic can also be sculpted and used as a casting agent when poured into molds.

When working with encaustic it must be applied to a rigid and absorbent substrate such as wood. You cannot apply encaustic to canvas unless the canvas is first glued to a rigid support. The flexibility of canvas will cause the wax to break, crack, and flake off the surface. 

Encaustic is still relatively obscure as an art medium but it continues to rise in popularity among artists due to its translucent properties and versatility as an art material. 

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